Save automatically and relax financially

Automatically save small amounts

With rubarb, you can save money in everyday life without having to forego anything.

  • Link your current account, credit card or PayPal
  • Round up payments to the next Euro automatically
  • Feel good: save while you spend

Achieve your goals with individual savings plans

Routines are important – also in saving. With our flexible savings plans, you can save money regularly without having to worry about or actively manage anything.

  • Daily, weekly or monthly savings plans
  • No minimum investment
  • Adjustable at all times

Save flexibly with one-time payments

Have a little spare cash at the end of the month? Or just setting something aside for a while? No problem.

  • Very simple process
  • Fully automated
  • Available anywhere and anytime

Pay out money when you need it

Sometimes life gets in the way and you need that extra cash. Thanks to rubarb, no problem at all. You can pay out whenever you want.

  • No minimum investment period
  • Payout within 1-2 banking days
  • Fully flexible and automated