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Use the free rubarb app to invest into sustainable ETFs and secure your chance of high yields.

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How does rubarb work?

Saving money has never been this easy

Save relaxed

You don’t need a huge fortune for rubarb. Start saving from as little as 1€.

Get access to leading financial products. Use of the app is free of charge.

Simply register with the app once and automatically build your financial cushion.

Three simple savings methods


Automatically save small amounts. Every time you spend money, we round up for you.

Savings plans

Achieve your goals and save fixed amounts daily, weekly or monthly.

One-off payments

Full flexibility to match your lifestyle. Save as much as you want, when you want.

Let your money grow and invest sustainably

Invest in sustainable companies around the world. Simply choose from our three portfolio options.

Sample calculator: rubarb is worth your while

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Trust and security are what matters most

  • Bank-level security
  • Data storage in Germany
  • 256-bit encryption
  • BaFin licensed